January 31, 2017 by Antonia Cummings

Moving Away From The City

Most new companies, you would have thought, would want to be right amongst it in the City of London. it’s the economic hub of the U.K and billions of pounds worth of business are transacted every single day. Surely moving out to the suburbs is conter-intuituive…isn’t it?

But, that is exactly what Doug Bates and Chris Mason of Intelligent People did way back in 2002. They made two key decisions.

Key Decisions

Firstly, they decided they’d had enough if recruiting IT staff (I can understand that, I did it for 25 years), and they decided their fledgling business should be put on a “lifestyle” footing.

“Absolutely right”, laughs Doug, we were wasting so much time commuting. The trains from St Albans to london were notoriously unreliable and we were just losing too much time stuck in tunnels”.

“They still are”, interjects Chris, “unreliable. Strikes, leaves on the line and they are just so crowded, I never got a seat getting on at St Albans”.

So, what did they do about it?

Making It Happen

“Simple”, says Doug, “we were starting Intelligent People in 2002, so we decided, as we both lived in St Albans, we’d move the business there. Recruitment is a tough game, but we wanted some degree of lifestyle in our lives. We were both relatively young and recently married, and we liked out recreation time, so we made the change”.

“Yes, it’s something we like to offer to our staff as well”, continues Chris, “we feel we get a better quality of hire by offering something a little different in terms of what other agencies offer their staff in recruitment. Not only that, but we like to hire young and train into our very specific modus operandi”.

Can you expand on that?

Market Experience

“Indeed, it’s quite simple”, Doug takes up the story, “working in Digital and Online Marketing, we like to hire people who have worked in marketing, but have that salesy side to them. It’s a very specific skillset, and we like our consuktants to be able to talk the client’s language. So all of our staff have worked in marketing. We then have a very specific method of selling, which we have an in depth training program to skill up our consultants”.

“It works really well”, continues Chris, “and as you can see from the sales board, they all do very well.

So, what areas are you finding the busiest at the moment?

Vibrant Market

“Digital marketing is alive and kicking, big time, at the moment”, Chris continues, “in all honesty we’re seeing a rapid in crease in vacancies across most online marketing disciplines”.

“What I think we’re seeing is a demarcation of job functiions”, he continues, “as digital marketing technology marches forward, we are seeing different roles being created. It’s like the greater tech is leading to a demand for more detailed skills within different facets of the overall function”.

“For example, we are now seeing a lot of Chief Marketing Officer Vacancies as the heklicopter view and control of all the disperate functions becomes vitally important”, says Doug.

Huge Increase In Vacancies

“And, as an eCommerce recruitment agency, we are seeing a massive increase in open jobs across all eCommerce roles and levels”, adds Chris.

Loyalty Marketing Jobs are another area that is really alive at the moment. It’s become key to retain and maximise the take from every customer. as competition for online dollars intensifies, customer retention and maximasation is ever more important”.

Guys, thanks for those really interesting insights into life at Intelligent People. A modern and enlightened way to do recruitment in 2017.

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